V. Responsibilities of the Exhibitor

Section 1
Members shall encourage and aid in the exhibiting of worthwhile specimens of Bouviers in conformation, obedience, working dog trials, and other competitions in an effort to better the breed.

Section 2
For conformation purposes, only specimens of the breed that conform to the current AKC Standard for the Bouvier des Flandres shall be shown in the breed ring as a true representative of the breed.

Section 3
Members must, at all times, conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner when exhibiting or when viewing dogs in the ring, for as members of the Southern California Bouvier des Flandres Club we are the public representatives of the principles and ideals our Club was instituted to uphold.

VI. Recommendations When Advertising

Section 1
All advertising must be factual and be free from misleading statements and misrepresentation. Animals advertised as available for breeding must conform to the AKC Standard. For all advertising in the Club Bulletin or related publications, a copy of the OFA certificate for both the sire and dam must be supplied for any dog advertised for stud; the OFA numbers are to be noted in the advertisement

Section 2
Members shall not make willfully untrue statements about the stock of other members, with the intent to maliciously destroy or harm the reputation of a member/breeder seller/exhibitor.

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III. Stud Owner and Bitch Owner Responsibilities

Section 1
Those dogs offered for stud and those bitches offered for service shall be in good health, free of debilitating defects, of the breed type as set forth in the standard for the Bouvier des Flandres, and of sound temperament.

Section 2
The stud owner shall accept for servicing, and the bitch owner solicit for breeding, only those animals that are in good health, free of debilitating defects, of the breed type as set forth in the AKC Standard for the Bouvier des Flandres, and of sound temperament.

Section 3
Appropriate attention shall be given to pre-mating health inspection including - for the stud: a sperm count, current DHLP vaccination and a canine brucella check; for the bitch owner: a current SHLP vaccination, worming, a vaginal infection check (smear), and a canine brucella check.

Section 4
In selecting a suitable stud or bitch, one must know the pedigree for at least three generations and personally scrutinize the proposed mates' virtues and faults in a conscientious effort to effect the betterment of the breed.

Section 5
The stud agreement or contract must always be stated clearly in writing. A sample agreement can be obtained by contacting the Club Secretary.

IV. Responsibilities of the Seller

Section 1
The seller shall share in the responsibility for betterment of the breed and not be motivated merely by profit. The seller agrees to sell animals only of sound body, good health and temperament. It is suggested that a health certificate should be issued by a veterinarian certifying, that at the time of sale, each animal is in sound condition.

Section 2
The seller must agree to replace or refund money on dogs/bitches sold if said dog/ bitch has congenital defects or diseases which were undetected at the time of sale. No member shall misrepresent a Pet Quality dog/bitch as a Show Quality Prospect as this would be unethical. It is recommended that all sales contracts be in writing. In the absence of a sales contract conforming to that recommended in these Guidelines, neither the Board members of any committee on behalf of it shall be precluded from arbitrating any dispute arising from any transaction.

Section 3
In order to protect the seller, the buyer, and the Standard of the Breed, the seller must make a notation on the Bill of Sale if the dog/bitch is sold as Show Prospect or Pet Quality. It is suggested that the seller also attach a notation on the registration papers if the dog/bitch is sold as Pet Quality and not a show Prospect. This action would insure protection to the seller if in the future a buyer decided to show Quality..

I. General

Every member of the Southern California Bouvier des Flandres Club is charged with the responsibility to uphold, promote and practice the principles set forth in this Guideline.

When involved with breeding, exhibiting, selling and advertising of the Bouvier des Flandres, every member shall promote the advancement of the breed and refrain from actions which would not be in the best interest of the Breed and/or the Club.

It being the determination of the Club that OFA Certification can lead to the betterment of the breed, it is recommended that members certify breeding stock through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). Companion dogs not being used as breeding stock should also be certified for the general information it can provide for the betterment of the breed. (Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (OFA), 2300 Nifong Blvd., Columbia, MO 65201. www.offa.or

II. Responsibilities of the Breeder

Section 1
A member shall not, under any circumstances, breed any unregistered dog.

Section 2
Every breeding undertaken shall be done from the standpoint of bettering the breed; therefore, all unworthy dogs and bitches must not be considered. Great care should be exercised in evaluating a dog or bitch for breeding purposes. The breeder shall be familiar with the current AKC standard for conformation and temperament, and with various diseases and disabilities including canine brucella and hip/elbow dysplasia.

Section 3
The breeder shall be familiar with AKC rules governing registration, sales and transfers of dogs, and abide by these rules and regulations.

Guidelines for Responsible Ownership

VII. Infractions

Members are responsible for encouraging compliance with the guidelines. Violations or infractions of the guidelines are to be brought to the Boards attention and dealt with in the manner prescribed by the Club's Constitution and By-laws

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