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California Dog Breeders: Oppose AB 485 TODAY!
Please contact members of the California Assembly and ask them to oppose California Assembly Bill 485, a potentially devastating bill for pets and pet owners in California.
Read our letter for an in-depth analysis and links to important facts and data HERE. 
AB 485 currently simply states that “it is the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation that would promote the adoption of animals from shelters and rescue groups and encourage humane practices in the purchase of dogs and cats offered for retail sale in California.” While this seems innocuous on its face, NAIA has it on good authority that this bill will be used to restrict pet shop sales of animals. It will require all dogs, cats, and rabbits offered for sale to be obtained solely from the unregulated source of public and private rescue, and not from breeders. We want to stop that from happening.
Pet shops would be required to obtain dogs from the unregulated source of rescue and shelters, where dogs are transported and relocated without any oversight, licensure, or inspections. There have been countless cases of relocated rescue dogs from unknown sources with extremely contagious diseases, some even transmittable to humans, such as canine influenza, brucellosis, and even RABIES. This bill gives unbalanced preference to unregulated rescue channels as a source for pet shops over commercial breeders that are inspected, licensed, and have a platform for consumer protection through complaints. None of these levels of consumer protection exists in the realm of rescues. 
Rescue relocation exists because the number of dogs in shelters in many parts of the country are so low that relocation is keeping shelters going. Should this bill become law it will undoubtedly greatly increase the number of rescue dogs from unknown sources out of state and even outside of the country being channeled into the state of California, at great risk to public health. California has already had a HUGE influx of dogs coming in from Mexico and this will only open that channel more. Rescue relocation is the real issue that needs regulation here, NOT further regulation for breeders.
Not only will this bill open the door for more unregulated animals on the market, it will also greatly decrease the availability and choice of purebred dogs for California residents looking for a pet dog. Consumers should have the right to choose their pet, whether it be from a responsible breeder, a pet store that selects dogs from inspected and licensed breeders, or from a shelter or rescue. It is not the legislature’s place to make that choice for them. Removing pet shops as a viable source for purpose bred pets will send more consumers looking for particular breeds to underground sources. Forcing pet shops to purchase dogs only from rescue sources not only wrongfully limits consumer choices, but will also unnecessarily and potentially unconstitutionally regulate otherwise legal pet shops out of business, which is simply un-American.
Please contact your representative in the Assembly and also the sponsor of the bill, Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell, and voice your opposition to AB 485 today. Find your legislator here, see our letter that we have sent to O’Donnell here that contains much more information and links to FACTS, and use our talking points below to help you frame your much-needed opposition.
Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell
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Talking points:
1   AB 485 unreasonably restricts consumer choice in purchasing pets, and eliminates consumer protection since the sources of rescued dogs are currently unregulated and unsupervised, unlike the source of licensed and inspected breeders for pet shops.
2   Consumers do not have any process or real venue for protection with rescued dogs that may become sick or problematic as they do when it comes to pet shops and breeders. Their only recourse may be to surrender the defective dog to the shelter, defeating the alleged purpose of the bill that is to decrease the number of dogs in shelters.
AB 485 creates a government-mandated monopoly on the pet market for unregulated rescues to put legally regulated pet shops and breeders out of business.