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Bouvier Health Foundation Speaker Series

At the 2021 National Specialty last fall, Dr. Kara Amstutz DVM and

Dr. Denise Bohn DVM, conducted talks that were recorded and

are presented here. 

Dr. Amstutz shared with us an amazing 2-part talk on:

"Development & Maintenance of Healthy Bones & Joints Throughout Your Dog’s Life”

Dr. Bohn's talk was an illuminating look at:

"Common Canine Emergencies & Treatment”

Development & Maintenance of Healthy Bones & Joints Throughout Your Dog's Life

By Dr Kara Amstutz DVM

Part 1

Part 2

Common Canine Emergencies and Treatment

By Dr. Denise Bohn DVM

Kara Amstutz DVM is the founder and medical director of Hometown Veterinary Hospital & River Canine Rehabilitation in Springfield, Missouri. She is a 2000 graduate from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine. She was certified in Canine Rehabilitation through Canine Rehabilitation Institute (CRI) in 2013. That same year, she earned her Certification in Veterinary Pain Management through the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management. In 2019, she achieved her credential as a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS). Her practice has evolved over the years from general medicine and surgery to focusing on pain management and rehabilitation for a variety of patient issues. Dr. Amstutz is currently a resident in the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation In addition to clinical practice, Dr. Amstutz has been on faculty as instructor for the Canine Rehabilitation Institute since 2017.  

Denise Bohn DVM got her first Bouvier, Grizz, in 1986 during her first year in vet school. Grizz stoked a strong passion in the breed, and she showed him to his championship completing this during her 4th year in school. After school, she spent 10 years in private practice, before shifting over to emergency medicine at an overnight/weekend facility in Des Moines, which later became Iowa Veterinary Specialties.  She is now at VCA Midwest Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center in Omaha NB, working as lead emergency veterinarian, and helping to manage the ER mentorship program.  Her love of Bouviers has continued through this time, producing many champions, including GCH/CH Legacy’s Zane Grey, Am RN THD CGC, and his dam Ch. Legacy’s Braveheart Muran ROM. Her passion includes health, which includes being an initial founding member of the BHF, and just recently finishing time on the board of the BHF once again.  Dr Bohn will continue to work toward healthier Bouviers outside her BHF board time.  

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